Aston Martin reveal new Vantage GT4

Aston Martin reveal new Vantage GT4

A new GT4 version of Aston Martin’s new Vantage has been revealed as confirmation the new offering enjoys a parallel development program alongside the GT3.

Not only is it a facelift in alignment to the recently released road-going Vantage, but improvements have been made to the aerodynamics and cooling, while also increasing the accessible performance for the target market providing better driver confidence.

Outside of the areas above, Aston Martin Racing has also focused on the chassis, drivetrain and efficiency to ensure this version of the Vantage GT4 is competitive against the newer generation models on offer.

“The new Vantage GT4 is a born winner,” said Chief Brand and Commercial Officer, Aston Martin Lagonda, Marco Mattiacci.

“Benefitting from the significant performance improvements seen in the sensational new Vantage road car, and developed in parallel with the Vantage GT3, the Vantage GT4 is a demonstration of the increasing synergies between our road and race car programmes; class-leading power and technology on the road translating into race-winning pace on the track.

“The introduction of the new Vantage GT4 also allows us to build an even deeper connection

to Aston Martin’s partner teams. We currently have more than 40 partners in active competition

across the broad spectrum of global GT racing, many of whom are running multi-car, multi-

class programmes. 

“This level of engagement underlines our commitment to all levels of

motorsport competition as well as building closer ties with our wider community of fans and

followers, many of whom fell in love with the brand through our successes in sportscar racing

and at Le Mans.”

Aston Martin Racing has developed every racing model for the British manufacturer since 2005 starting with the DBR9 as this provides an innate knowledge aiding in developing the Vantage GT4.

Not only do advancements come from the racing side, but the new road-going Vantage features new developments to progress the GT4 version.

“The new Vantage GT4 is very much an evolution of the previous car,” said Aston Martin

Head of Endurance Motorsport, Adam Carter. 

“Closer synergies between Aston Martin’s road and race car programmes have enabled AMR to capitalise upon improvements made to the new Vantage road car for increased speed and efficiency, while retaining the core qualities that made the outgoing GT4 so popular with teams and drivers.”

GT4 regulations are designed to keep the racing version close to the road-going sibling sharing around 80 percent.

The bonded aluminium chassis is mated to a full custom roll cage as power delivered by a 4.0-litre V8 engine based off the road-going example as is the transmission. Electronic control systems have been changed to a Bosch Motorsport ECU and a bespoke software developed by AMR.

AMR is currently building 40 units during 2024 for customer teams across the world.